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Let your pet experience top notch all inclusive grooming service. Each dog gets a special "Blueberry facial which exfoliates their skin and gets rid of "Stinky Face" and cleanses their eyes.  Then they get a bath that includes "Bath Brushing and a "Mini Trim". They also get conditioner that is "Dog Specific" for any type of skin.  After that, they get the Ear Cleaning and Pluck, and the anal glands expressed.  Then comes the main Haircut.

Your dog will look great with our top quality grooming from our professional groomers. From ear tip to claw, your dog or cat will receive only the best grooming possible here.

• Nail clipping and dremeling

• Ears plucked and cleaned

• Glands expression

Skin and coat specific shampoo

Your dog or cat deserves to be bathed with shampoo that is specific to their needs so that their skin and coat is shiny and healthy. We look after your pets and use specialty shampoos for sensitive, itchy, dry skin. We also offer Nail Grinding and/or Brushing Teeth, and flea packages for your pets for a small fee.

Bella is ready for the holidays

Locally owned and established from December 1994. Call us today.

Full service grooming

Puppies and senior dogs welcome

Lady Bella's first haircut

• Teeth swabbing

• Facial scrubbing

• Baths and haircuts

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Your pets wil love their new cut